Our Story

Immediately upon graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma I was invited to join the United States Military Fraternity. I decided to choose my own branch so I went to the Marine Corps Recruiting Office in Oklahoma City, and enlisted. As fate would have it, I was re-directed to Officer’s Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia. It was there that I learned how to use a handgun in self-defense, and would later put that training to use in South Vietnam. From that point on I was a recreational shooter of handguns. In 1995 Oklahoma passed its first conceal and carry law for citizens. I obtained my license to carry and eventually my license to be a certified instructor by the NRA, CLEET, and Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

I chose to do this for 3 very basic reasons:
One was to supplement my income.
Secondarily, I love teaching people and helping them obtain their carry permit. .
Finally, and this is the most important reason: I saw the need for responsible citizens to become their own first responder.

People must be able to defend themselves and their loved ones in a dynamic critical incident. The police can rarely prevent crime, the best they can do is effectively investigate the crime and pursue the perpetrator. So, my objective is to assist responsible citizens in learning how to safely employ this tool of self-defense and to obtain their conceal and carry permit. Ultimately, it is my desire to continue my own training and education and be able to train people up to the next level.

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